The Importance of Legal Translation Near Me

The Importance of Legal Translation Near Me | Universal Translation Services

Legal translation near me is a global partner with access to over 2,000 skilled translators to provide a full translation service for more than 100 language combinations.

In the UAE and the gulf cooperation council, the official language of the country is Arabic. We make it our business and dedication to give outstanding Arabic translation services to individuals and business clients inside the UAE and across the region after recognizing the demand for professional, accurate, high quality, as well as Arabic translation services within the country.

We help people apply for jobs, students apply to schools, and people write applications for a variety of reasons. Our specialization is translating a document without compromising any of the original tones; we translate the text’s intent as well as the language. So, we can translate your documents and applications into Arabic, as well as convert Arabic into your native tongue so you can fully comprehend them.

When it comes to interpreting your documents, one of our strengths is meeting deadlines. Therefore, when you place an order at our firm, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality translation before the deadline you choose. 

We place a premium on high-quality standards and see our customers’ trust as a vital asset in our legal translation business. Our experienced, competent, and trained team of translators prioritizes timely completion of authentic and entirely admissible legal translation at relatively inexpensive pricing. 

The core and crux of our aim are to achieve customer satisfaction anywhere in the UAE by providing fast and effective legal translation near me at their convenience.

  • Affidavits
  • Court Decisions
  • Memoranda of Association
  • Immigration Documents
  • Agreements
  • Deeds and other legal documents can all be skillfully translated with consistent elegance and linguistic capability by us

Legal translations are not the same as regular translations. So, to be a valid legal document, the language used during a legal translation must comply with the country’s laws and conventions. Based on the source and destination of the translation, the document must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice and/or the UAE foreign ministry in order to offer a legal translation.

The length of time and cost of legal translations are determined by the type of document and type of attestation necessary. So, we won’t be able to provide you an estimate until we’ve looked over the document you need to be translated. Moreover, the responsible authorities in the UAE, such as the foreign ministry and the Ministry of Justice, certify all the translators.

The necessity of legal translation near me | Universal Translation Services

If you’re having trouble finding a qualified legal translator in Dubai for your documents, an extremely dependable, experienced, and trust able translation agency like our firm can help you with authentic and credible translation services in more than 55 fields and 75+ languages all over the UAE because it only hires the best and most experienced translators.

Legal document translation in Dubai recognizes that for the modern highly-traveled individual, whether for business or other reasons, documents have become a need. The selection of a professional translation services looks to be a huge challenge, given the abundance of scams and quacks in today’s world.

1. The client provides their legal translation document requests to our Dubai legal translation office by email or in person.

2. Our representative submits the documents to our Dubai-based legal translators, who are licensed professionals.

3. Our Dubai-based professional legal translators translate legal papers into the target language.

4. After that, the legal translation papers are delivered to our Dubai-based proofreading staff.

5. The client is subsequently sent the legal translation materials.

The primary goal of our organizational activities at Communication Legal Translation in Dubai has always been to serve our customers with a focus on professional competence.  

We have continuously endeavored to employ and prepare exceedingly talented, skilled, and proficient legal translators in Dubai who are dedicated to the task of providing accomplished professional services by producing amazingly reliable and precise translations in more than 55+ services and more than 75+ languages over the course of more than 23 years of dedicated, endorsed professional subsistence. 

At our legal translation offices in Dubai, the top characteristics of our expert certified translators in Dubai are a regular element of all translation projects.

We Make Certain That Nothing Is Misunderstood During The Translation Process

If you have any concerns or require additional information, please contact us and we can connect you with one of our translation professionals. You can also give us the documents you’d like translated, together with a brief description of the translation’s purpose.

Documents issued outside of UAE and destined for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or other Emirates.

An official document requiring translation must be authenticated by the UAE embassy in the country of origin prior to translation (e.g., UAE embassy present in Rome, for documents delivered in Italy). The Foreign Office of the United Arab Emirates must authenticate the document once it arrives in the UAE. Following these two procedures, the document is ready for translation and stamping by a Ministry of Justice-certified translator. So, please note that national embassies and embassies can attest original documents before MOFA for certain documents.

Documents destined for another country that were issued in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other Emirates 

Any official document to be used outside the UAE must be signed and stamped by the issuing institution, individual, or organization, as well as the necessary legalizing authority, before being translated (e.g. the Notary Public or the Economic Department). Further, the document must then be verified by the foreign ministry (MOFA) and then the consulate or embassy of the nation where it will be used.

NOTE: There are a variety of legalization and certification processes that are accepted in the UAE. So, before starting, we always encourage our clients to find out exactly which type of attestation is necessary by an organization, company, or government body to which the translated work is being presented. So, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm if you have any doubts or questions!

100% customer satisfaction

Source documents and legal translation near me from other countries can also be certified and legalized for usage in Qatar, UAE, and other countries. We can certify and legalize translations in other nations as well.

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