Importance of Acquiring Professional Legal Translation Services

Importance of Acquiring Professional Legal Translation Services | ASLT

Since the day a civilization was formed, humans have conducted themselves to a specific set of rules and regulations, which has framed the shape of a well-cultivated society. Thus, safe to say, in more cases than none, the law is life.

The onslaught of a culturally diverse population in UAE has increased the rate of the need of a more expansive and inclusive means of communication, lest it is in English or Arabic or any other language. More people require more services that are diverse and available, and one of the most imperative requirements needed to bridge the gap in communication is Translational Services.

Availability of translational services is imminent, especially in regard to legal services. In almost everyday life, being well aware of the basic legal regulations and being able to apply them in daily life is crucial. And for that purpose, one must also be well aware of the accessibility and importance of Professional Legal Translation Services.

Professional Legal Translation Services in Basic Law for Self-Protection

Protecting yourself is always what comes, and should come, first. To have good command over the Emirati Law is necessary for every person in UAE, let it be a citizen or tourist. Knowledge in law is important to make sure that one does not get involved in unsolicited trouble in a day-to-day business. 

In spite of everything, a great percentage of the UAE population is non-native, therefore is at a higher risk of not getting sufficient knowledge on the laws and regulations of UAE and thus can get exploited. With the availability of professional legal translation services, the common non-native folk can become well educated about the nicks of the Emirati Law and be able to save themselves from suffering through legal imparity.

As is the rule of the world, the weak are always taken advantage of. Although the UAE is proactively fighting towards embracing a culturally diverse population with wide-open arms, it is almost impossible for those who have a language barrier and are not that well aware of law won’t suffer from any issue or inequality. Therefore, the need to popularize professional legal translational help is crucial so that the gap caused by a language barrier can be bridged and legal education is available to all regardless of race, culture, educational background, etc.

Besides, it is important to note that misery can strike anyone, anywhere. If someone who is not well versed with the Emirati Law gets into a situation, for example, a car accident, with no translational legal help to guide that person, it could possibly elevate to a very disastrous end for that person, like restricting their license, jail time, or if worse comes, cancelation of their visa.

And since no man is an island, self-educating on the law and getting good and reliable translational help in the legal sector is severely important for everyone, especially to the non-native settlers. With the availability of such services, foreigners can protect themselves and make UAE an even better country to reside in.

Future Planning

Law directs the basic commandments of life in a country. In UAE, specifically, strict Sharia Law is followed. Therefore, it is important to be well aware of the laws of Sharia that are followed for every citizen of UAE, as it can greatly affect one’s life as it means that many people unaware of the law can be held accountable for a crime that was never intended. 

Also, when it comes to planning a future, if one has sufficient knowledge about the law, they can make the decision of what kind of job prospects they want to explore, whether they want to even live in that country, or maybe if they want to bring a change in the legal field. 

All of which requires great knowledge and well awareness of the law, which can be difficult for those with a language barrier. That is why translational services are needed so that people unaware of the law can understand it in the simplest form that is their own language, and if needed, can also translate their own legal documents. With such a racially diverse country like UAE, having translational services, especially professional translation legal services available, is almost a bare necessity. 

Resolving personal problems

With a daily routine comes daily routine problems that require legal attention, such as matrimony issues, property dealing, educational documents, etc. For all of them to be carefully dealt with, it’s necessary to have a sound understanding of what is the issue at hand and how it is regulated in the specific country you are living in.

As discussed before, the UAE follows Sharia Law. And in some cases, Sharia Law can be very dichotomous to the law that other sovereigns follow. For example, in matrimony and divorce dealings. Most laws around the world account for almost up to 50 percent of alimony at the time of divorce. However in Sharia Law, the bride receives the alimony before the wedding ceremony commences, and after divorce, no such monetary payment is to be done. 

Taking that example into perspective, a non-native or even a native not well versed in the language that the law follows might miss on this detail and could be held accountable for a minor crime or be scammed. Having said that, if a translation facility was available, this could easily be avoided, hence the power of bridging communication.

Occupational planning and businesses

No doubt, legal knowledge is necessary for finding jobs or perhaps opening a business. With the help of professional translation legal services, people of all cultures can easily get their documents translated and have translated knowledge about their future plans.

This can open new horizons for the UAE citizens, as it could possibly diminish the disparity caused by the barrier of communication.


Law has shaped societies, and translation has bridged their gaps. Both are immensely important for making a community inclusive, civilized, and well-coordinated. With the UAE’s diversity, both are significant and available. That’s why professional legal translation services are greatly important for the UAE.

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