A few of the Golf handicap sites worldwide

A few of the Golf handicap sites worldwide

There are many golf handicap sites worldwide. Some of the ones are listed below. All of them practice golf handicap identification and remedial measures.

Alabama Golf Association:

It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational organization, founded in 1915,whose mission is to serve and promote amateur golf in Alabama. This foundation’s mission is to impact and educate the lives of young men and women in Alabama. The AGA foundation is primarily a fundraising arm and provides funds to grow the game of golf in the state!


They offer many events like Championships, qualifiers, one-day tournaments for men and women both. Also, they train both junior and senior golfers. They assist in Men’s and Women’s SEC Championships. 


AGA membership brigade is managing more than 115 member clubs. They enhance the Golfer’s games at AGA e Club! They offer travel & tours which are discounted, tournament training, handicap course rating, etc.

The Arizona Golf Association

The Arizona Golf Association was founded in 1923. There is a small golfer’s group that runs the amateur golf competition in Arizona! The members include more than 725 men’s and women’s clubs. The count of individuals ranges more than 85,000 individuals.

few of the Golf handicap sites worldwide


The best competitions conducted are – The Patriot – America invitational in collaboration with the women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) in 2021. It is played at Wigwam Golf Resort with both men and women! They also offer golfers travel and tours.

Bahamas Golf Federation:

The Bahamas golf governing body grows its sports through innumerable initiatives. All members can attend golf courses. all types of golf services are offered. The association is known for hosting annual golf competitions like National Amateur Championship. A heavy discount is offered to golfers for learning courses!

The Barbados Golf Association:

BGA, as it is known is the governing body for golf in Barbados. They have allied with corporates, course owners, and the government to improve the talent of golfers! There are more than 750 members.

The vision of BGA is to make golf accessible to all societies! There are many organized tournaments conducted, many packages keeping in mind player’s development. Many learning facilities are provided. They follow the World Handicap System (WHS) was launched in January 2020 to help and provide golfers inclusive handicapping system. Apart from many countries worldwide, BGA is also a member.

ASGA was founded in 1915 known as Arkansas state Golf Association is a non-profit 501 (c ) association with more than 11,500 individuals and 127 member clubs! They have advocated scholarship programs and have provided more than $ 425,000 to men and women golfers! They would like to turn the golfers into golf ambassadors! Many golfers have been trained and turned into professional golfers. The training programs are well designed. The instructors are well qualified. The individuals and member clubs are growing every day!

The Five things one should know about the World Handicapping System:

  1. One’s Handicap Index may change
  2. One should know one’s Corse Handicap
  3. Adjustment of Net Double Bogey
  4. One’s Handicap Index changes daily
  5. Safeguarding one’s game daily

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